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Garner Faced with Higher Garbage Rates

Garner officials are faced with the issue of increased rates for garbage pick-up. Garner City Administrator Jim Collins explained that the city is currently in a shortfall on costs for garbage.

The city council considered drafting Resolution 469 which would address the increase in garbage rates for residents and businesses. According to officials, the rate increase is directly reflective of what the city has to pay to the landfill and other associated costs.

Councilwoman Amber Jenniges proposed a different idea that would get rid of the plastic trash bags residents currently use.

The trash cans would be similar to the trash pick-up found in Britt. Councilwoman Marline Lewerke did not like the idea and neither did Councilman Glen Juhl. Lewerke felt that the cans would be an eyesore by continually being left at the curb by some residents. Juhl stated that strong winds would knock the cans over, spilling trash onto the streets. Mayor Tim Schmidt felt that the costs would go way up just to supply the trash cans.

Collins was tasked with drafting the proposed resolution for a first reading at the council meeting on Tuesday night beginning at 5:30pm.



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