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Kossuth Board Hears Budget Concerns

The Kossuth County Board of Supervisors have proposed a significant hike in a tax levy to help balance the budget for the next fiscal year. The board has heard opposition from several county residents and employees who question or oppose the tax hike.

A representative for the Kossuth County Secondary Road Department spoke for the employees who all took a vacation day to attend the meeting. He asked the board several key questions about the budget issue, health insurance premiums, and the financial situation of the county.

Kossuth County Sheriff Roger Fisher explained that his office was not about to make cuts in their portion of the budget.

Fisher explained that his department makes up 18% of the overall county budget. He also stated that recruiting for officers and deputies needs to keep pace with surrounding counties and states which can only happen with competitive pay and benefits.

Elected officials in the Auditor’s, Recorders, and Treasurers Offices echoed the sentiment of the crowd assembled in the Supervisors meeting. Recorder Karen Berschoter expressed her thoughts.

Some were concerned with insurance premiums and employee pay raises. Department heads stated that concerns about taxes were the same for them and that they paid taxes too. Others thought the county should stay competitive with other city and county governments.

The board will take the opinions into consideration when the vote on the levy will be taken.



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