Eighty U. S. Dairy Cattle Herds Affected by Bird Flu

The same strain of bird flu has recently hit a flock of laying hens in Sioux County and dairy cattle in O’Brien County. Iowa State University Extension veterinarian Dr. Phillip Jardon says Iowa is the 11th state where bird flu has been reported among dairy cattle.

Bird flu has been reported in 24 herds of dairy cattle in Michigan and one in Ohio. Jardon says biosecurity issues are key, as investigators believe a poultry flock in Michigan struck by bird flu may have been infected by an employee who also worked at a dairy operation.

So far, bird flu has been confirmed in over 80 U. S. dairy cattle herds. Jardon says the impact may reach dairy cattle shows at county and state fairs.

Jardon grew up on a small dairy farm in southwest Iowa. He got his medical degree from the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. Last July, Jardon joined Iowa State University Extension as a dairy specialist after working 11 years as a technical consultant to a company that produces vaccines and medicines for pets and livestock.

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