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Mason City to Upgrade Internet Systems

The Mason City Council recently addressed the need to upgrade their internet systems as a part of their daily functions The council heard from RSM Services, an IT company that specializes in creating and maintaining internet and computer services. Mayor Bill Schickel explained what the council was looking for.

Aaron Hermanson of RSM explained what his company does to assist cities like Mason City.

The council is maintaining a local company to handle the upgrades according to Hermanson.

Hermanson felt that the city could benefit from the upgrades in order to eliminate duplications and streamline the system.

RSM proposes to enhance the network foundation, create critical control environments, enhance connectivity upgrades, utilize hybrid cloud and datacenter security, and maximize the capabilities of the technology used by the city. The project will involve six phases. The first phase will cost the city around $91,000 while the second involves critical control environments at a projected cost of $94,000. Phase 3 and 4 involving connectivity upgrades will cost $375,000 collectively. Phase 5 involves cloud and database security at a cost of $300,000. The final phase involves maximizing and optimizing capabilities at a projected cost of $135,000.



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