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Winnebago County Board to Meet on Tuesday

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday beginning at 9am. You can view the meeting live on either or

The meeting will begin with a public hearing on the Fiscal Year 2025 proposed budget. The hearing will commence at 9am to allow for public comment. Final approval of the budget will come at a later date.

Julianna Burkholder of the Forest City Chamber of Commerce will officially ask the board if the chamber may use the courthouse grounds as part of the 2024 Puckerbrush Days celebrations. This will be followed by reports from the Winnebago County Roads Department.

Winnebago County Drainage Clerk Kris Oswald will ask the board at 9:30am to accept the Annexation and Reclassification reports for Drainage District 37. There are 45 parcels of land involved in the annexation and reclassification. The board will then set a public hearing on the actions to allow for public comment.

At 10:30am, Maggie Burger of Speer Financial will discuss a possible debt schedule and timeline for repayment. This will be followed by an open forum and a report by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office.

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