Carbon Capture Meeting in Wesley Proves Informational

The controversy surrounding carbon capture and pipeline delivery was addressed recently in a meeting with various government officials, interested parties, and volunteers opposed to the pipeline project.

Residents along the route where the pipeline is proposed to go attended seeking information about the benefits and dangers of the pipeline. Some were not sure how the whole process of carbon capture, delivery, and storage happened.

Jessica Mazour, who is the Conservation Program Coordinator for the Sierra Club in Iowa addressed the capacity crowd in the Wesley Community Center. She explained the steps involved in carbon capture and delivery.

The second step is the one that is most concerning to residents and landowners, the pipeline.

Residents and landowners who were in attendance were very concerned about how the pipeline would become a reality. This involves the purchase of easements which are being negotiated between landowners and the carbon pipeline companies. Many are resisting the sale of easements because they would then lose control of their land involved in the easement.

While CO2 is breathed in by crops and plants making it essential to help plants grow, there are those who say it is impacting climate change. The theory of permanently storing the carbon underground is continually pushed to alleviate the change.

Mazour went on to explain that there were multiple other uses for the carbon gas.






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