New Options to Contend Eminent Domain Passes Iowa Senate Committee

A House-passed bill that would give property owners resisting a proposed carbon pipeline a new legal option has cleared initial review in the Iowa Senate. Senator Jason Schultz, a Republican from Schleswig, is working on some adjustments to the bill, but he says it’s time for the legislature to do something.

Under the bill, property owners along a proposed hazardous pipeline route could go to court after a permit application is filed for a ruling on whether developers would have eminent domain authority to seize land for the project. Property owners who don’t want the carbon pipeline on their land are urging senators to pass the bill. Kathy Carter of Rockford says they need relief.

Jeff Boeyink, a lobbyist for Summit Carbon Solutions, says if the bill becomes law, it would have a chilling effect on Summit’s pipeline, as well as natural gas pipeline development.

Another lobbyist for the company told senators that Summit has paid $158 million to over 1,200 Iowa landowners who’ve signed voluntary easements for the pipeline, accounting for nearly 75% of the pipeline route through Iowa.

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