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Worth County Board of Supervisors Meeting 4/8/24 (LIVE)

Join Zoom Meeting:

The Worth County Board of Supervisors meeting will take place on Monday at 8:30am. You can view the meeting live by clicking the highlighted link above.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Call to order – 8:30 A.M.
3. Determination of quorum
4. Approval of agenda & minutes
5. County Engineer
a. General
b. Road maintenance
c. Final Construction Progress Voucher for project BHOS-SWAP-CO98(83)—FB-98 for project closeout
through the DOT
d. Review and Approve Secondary Roads FY25 DOT Budget and Five-year Construction Program
e. Discussion/Possible Action – Secondary Roads/Conservation Building Project
6. Drainage
a. General
b. Drainage Claims
c. Work Orders
7. Claims
8. Reports
9. Payroll Eligibility Verification/Salary Changes
10. Liquor License
11. Cigarette License
12. Manure Management Plan Updates
13. Resolution 2024-13 – Resolution for the Destruction of Noxious Weeds – 2024 Crop Year
14. Resolution 2024-14 – Resolution to Authorize Chairperson to enter Contract – Hay Lease.
15. Resolution 2024-15 to fix a date for public hearing on proposal to enter into a General Obligation Urban Renewal
Loan Agreement and to borrow money thereunder
16. Building/Grounds
a.Elevator maintenance/improvement quote
b.Discussion/possible action – contract services – windows, mowing, cleaning
17. 2024-2027 Agreement between Worth County, Iowa (Sheriff’s Office) and Iowa AFSCME Council 61
18. Water System Improvement Project
20. EMS Continued Discussion
21. PeopleService – Water/Waste Water
22. Budget Update/Discussion
23. Department Head Discussion
24. Supervisors – Weekly Reports
25. Next week’s Agenda Items for review
26. Board members’ questions and inquiries. Items to be placed on future agendas:
a. WWB Executive Board Meeting – April 15 – Forest City Ambulance – 105 Hwy 69 S, Forest City –
11:30 A.M.
b. Public Hearing – Proposed FY25 Property Tax Levy – April 8 – 10:00 A.M.
c. Meeting to Set Public Hearing Date to Adopt FY25 Budget – April 8 – 10:15 A.M.
d. Public Hearing – Establishment of the Southeast Worth County EMS District – April 15 – 9:00 A.M.
e. Public Hearing – Establishment of the West Worth County EMS District – April 15 – 9:30 A.M.

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