NIACC Board to Meet in Special Session

On Thursday in Room 100 of the NIACC Pierce Administration Building, the NIACC Board of Directors are scheduled to meet at 6pm. The board is being asked to act on several different issues including awarding the Swine Education Center bid for construction. They will also discuss the Presidential candidates for the college. That portion will be held in closed session away from the public.

The proposed agenda is as follows:

I. Preliminary/Information Items
A. Call to Order and Declaration of Quorum
B. Additions to the Agenda and Adoption of the Agenda
II. Action Items
A. Request for Approval of Swine Education Center Bid Award
B. Request for Approval of NIACC Swine Education Center Contract
C. Request for Approval of Dog Grooming Facility Lease
D. Discussion of President Candidates for President of NIACC Closed Session per Iowa Code 21.5(1)(i)(2023)
III. Additions to the Agenda
IV. Adjournment

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