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Britt City Council Discuss Issues with the Golf Course

The Britt City Council made up of three newly elected members has decided its due time for the city to accept some responsibility in the repair of the Britt Golf Course.

Part of it has to do with former neglect of repairing the irrigation system which has caused the greens to be in disarray. The city of Britt owns the course and has asked for bids to maintain it.  According to City Administrator Elizabeth Ibarra, two quotes were submitted.

Cleveland Lawn Care & Service based out of Forest City had a fairly similar bid at $23,940 to that of Grass Masters of Algona ($23,319). A conversation ensued between Ibarra, golf course board president Angela Hinton and councilman Jefry Moore.

In addition to Britt, Grass Masters has also worked on the Garner course, among many others in the area.

The Britt Golf Course Board who has an operating lease agreement with the city asked the council if it would contribute $15,000 or nearly 65% of the startup cost to repair the lifeless greens. According to the lease, the golf course board (lessee) is responsible for maintaining the turf. Turf maintenance includes general cleanliness, landscaping, mowing, trimming, fertilization and general erosion repairs to keep the course in acceptable playing conditions. However, the City of Britt is responsible for ALL infrastructure repairs and improvements to the golf course property, and controls any restoration, preservation, renovation or improvement projects.

Ibarra asked the council to help fund the repair project, noting the former council’s culpability in the dilapidation.

Councilman Moore raised the question as to how many Britt citizens actually use the course.

On average, Moore calculated that given the population of Britt, about 5% of them use the course.

After lengthy discussion, it was motioned by councilwoman Angela Nelson and seconded by councilman Todd Hildman to approve the initial $15,000 to Grass Masters for repair of the greens. Motion carried unanimously.


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